Social Mobility

Social mobility is the ability to move from one social class in society to another. For example, from poor to middle class, middle class to rich, things of the sort. Social mobility has always existed in America. As so long that there is order and boundaries which hold us by certain limitations, we will always stand at different points in life. In the olden times, there was a such thing as the mandate of heaven, stating that those who were born to the throne received such a privilege from god himself. Others who were less fortunate and who were born into less wealthy or even poor families had to remain in the same social fields for the rest of their lives. Today, I feel we are much more privileged to have such a flexible society, I feel  that we are undaunted by the limits of which were destined and foretold by our ancestors.  We live in a society where you are the dictator of your future. Our place in society doesn’t necessarily have to be because of financial problems however. There have also been social problems derived from stereotypical aspects. Women for example, have fallen victim to social discrimination since ancient times. Women have also been seen as weak or unworthy of certain task, stereotypes are mostly the reason of this. Women are usually seen as people who are to just sit at home, do chores, and watch the children and  as a result of this when they try to make moves to become something greater and increase their social status, they are often laughed at.


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